Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a Day"

Freshfel Europe. 

Forum for the fruit and vegetable supply chain

Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, is the forum for the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain in Europe and beyond. It is the single representative association of the sector at EU level.

Freshfel Europe is a membership association, where its members and associated members are national associations, organisations and companies with an interest in the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector. Freshfel Europe’s members are from across Europe and along the whole supply chain from producers to wholesalers, traders, logistics and retailers.

The Association is in continual contact with its members and the European institutions, ensuring that the fruit and vegetable sector and its interests are well represented and have a strong voice in Europe and globally in legislative and supply chain developments. Alongside policy and decision-making, Freshfel Europe works to stimulate the supply of healthy and delicious products, which comply with the highest quality, safety, environmental and social requirements to the benefit of consumers. The Association also acts as a platform for dialogue and for networking between members.

Mission to ensure a robust and sustainable sector

Freshfel Europe ensures a diverse and sustainable European fruit and vegetable sector. The Association also secures a robust and positive EU regulatory environment for fresh produce and is highly active across all aspects of the whole supply chain.
Freshfel Europe’s mission is to:

1.        Improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the sector
2.        Facilitate international trade of fresh produce
3.        Assist members to comply with the highest safety, environmental and CSR standards
4.        Secure a favourable environment to promote the benefits of fresh produce and share best practices
5.        Position the sector towards the latest research and innovation findings
6.        Stimulate the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables

Freshfel is a non-profit association established under Belgian legislation (1919). The seat of the Association is in Brussels, the heart of European policy-making. Freshfel Europe is registered in the EU register of interest representatives under n° 1637225479-02.

Contact details

The European Fresh Produce Association
Rue de Trèves 49-51, box 8
1040 Brussels – Belgium


Tel: +32 (0)2 777.15.80
Fax: +32 (0)2 777.15.81

E-mail: info@freshfel.org