Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a Day"

AIAM5 Members


AIAM’5 Alliance Member

NGO organization, established in 2001. Promoting both commercial and social programs with private and public sectors. Please visit website for more information.

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Brazil has several examples of initiatives which can be seen as opportunities to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables (FV).

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Half Your Plate
The Half Your Plate  campaign is a social marketing initiative aimed at helping Canadians of all ages eat more fruits and veggies to better their health.

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Chile’s 5-A-DAY program is a non-profit corporation, formed in 2006 with the Institute of Nutrition
and Food Technology, University of Chile, that brings together producers, distributors, retailers,
and exporters of F&V and universities

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5 A Day
The 5 A Day program comes to Colombia in 2008, through the Corporación Colombia
Internacional – CCI, organization that is promoting the agricultural development in Colombia.

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Costa Rica

Five a Day Network

The Five a Day Network is a domestic collaborative organization and an inter-institutional and
inter-sectorial mechanism, promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables to contribute
to the population´s integral health and the socioeconomic growth of small and medium-sized
businesses producing goods for the domestic and exports market.

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During the years 2014-15 a project “Nutritional Intervention to improve vitamin A status in children
under 5 years” was carried out in several provinces of Cuba. This project was from the results
of a research about vitamin A, that showed subclinical deficiency severe or moderate in 5 of the 15 provinces of the country.

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El Salvador

People Helping People Association

People Helping People Association is in the educational area,
specifically in health, in the prevention and early detection of all types of gynecological cancer.
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Finnish Glasshouse Growers´Association

Nation wide organisation for commercial growers.

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Fruit and Veg from France (Interfel)
To promote fresh fruit and vegetable consumption: communication and information scientifically
evidence based.

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FruitVeB is an EU recognized interbranch organization of the Hungarian fruit and vegetable
sector. FruitVeB has about 22,000 members representing more than 2/3 of the total production value.

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The 5ADAY Association Japan is a non-profit organization established in 2002 and now consists
of 100 members across retailers, fresh produce distributors, wholesalers, fresh-cut processors
and growers.

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5 a Day Foundation
“Fundación 5xDía” [5 a Day Foundation] is a non-profit organization, incorporated in 2003 by Mexican producers
concerned about the issue of obesity, overweight and such other non-communicable diseases affecting the
Mexican population, and to help the productive sector promoting Mexican fruits and vegetables.

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5 a day
“5 a day” is an international movement that promotes the consumption of at least 5 servings
of fruits and vegetables a day.

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The Norwegian Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Board
The 5-a-day preschool project aims to give day care centres a functional tool, enabling them to establish
good habits among children, ensure fruit and vegetables are included in all meals and communicate
the message of a healthy diet to the parents.

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5 a day Paraguay
With the aim of contributing to the achievement of national goals, born the Association for
the Promotion of the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables’ 5 a day Paraguay “, a non-profit
entity with legal personality and full capacity to act whose main purpose is to promote the daily
consumption of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

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5 a day
The Instituto de Investigación Nutricional (IIN) is a Peruvian non profit civil organization founded
in 1972 with the objective of undertaking research in health and nutrition that will contribute to
improve the quality of life of the least favoured populations of Peru and the rest of the world.

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5 a day fruit and vegetables
The Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS) is a non-profit organization integrating the
juice industry in Poland (fruit and vegetables juice producers, concentrated juices, suppliers of
devices and machines, vegetable and juice producers, trade companies and scientific institutes).

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5 to the Day
The wholesale markets of Lisbon, Coimbra, Braga, Évora and Faro, aware of the need to change
eating habits in Portugal, have been encouraging a program for young people called “5-a day”

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5 a day
“5 a day” in its efforts to promote the consumption of at least 5 portions between F&V, to reach the 600g/ a day

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5 a Day
The world famous “5 a Day” campaign was launched by the Swiss Cancer League (SCL) in
cooperation with Health Promotion Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
(FOPH) and the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE) in late 2001. Today, the “5 a Day” campaign is
supported by the Swiss Cancer League (SCL).

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5 a Day
Promote F&V Consumption under guidelines of WHO and FAO

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The Venezuelan Act of Community Service for Students of Higher Education was identified as a
niche of opportunity for “5aday” introducing the project: “5 a Day educational campaigns in the
context of the Community Service of UCV”.

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