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General WUWM Info

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) is a non-profit association that aims to promote the international exchange of information on wholesale and retail markets, with a view to improving their construction, organisation and management.

  • Legal Seat: From 1955 until mid 2003 WUWM within the legal umbrella of IULA
  • In June 2003 established as an autonomous association, domiciled in The Netherlands
  • Secretariat: The WUWM Secretariat is based in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Board: Chairman, vice-Chairman and 11 Directors representing 13 countries. Two-year mandates. Annual, staggered elections.
  • Membership: Currently 228 members in 43 countries
  • Funding:WUWM is a non-profit association totally reliant on annual membership fee payments.




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Who Do We Unite?

  • Retail Markets-An ‘organisation’ which has a core business of operating retail markets. An ‘organisation’ can be a public or privateretail market operator or an association of cities and/or operators
  • Wholesale Markets-Individual markets or market organizations directly involved in the operation and management of local-authority owned, state-ownedand/orprivatewholesale markets
  • National market trader organisations
  • Individual wholesale/retail market traders
  • Other sector professionals, academics, consultants, private service companies, etc

The WUWM Mission…

  • To promote the essential role that wholesale and retail markets play in ensuring the sustainable access, availability and distribution of a diverse variety of quality fresh food products, whilst maintaining
  • competitive prices and the highest standards of service and food security, throughout the  international community.

What is the WUWM Vision?

  • To ensure wholesale and retail markets are recognised for their important role in local, national and international food supply chains.
  • That WUWM be viewed as the premier organisation in support of wholesale and retail food marketpromotion and development by offering excellence in:
    • Information exchange, networking, and cross-fertilization of wholesaleand retail market knowledge.
    • Member development of new business through promoting mutual links, establishing contacts, and helping members enlarge their respective client and supply bases.
  • To ensure effective representation in support of the interests of wholesale and retail markets before international institutions, national and local governments.

How WUWM Helps Members

  • We empower you and your market by keeping you informed -helping to ensure your voice, your market’s voice, and your country’s voice are heard;
  • We support solutions being found to problems bigger than we all are…!
  • We promote your business (marketing the market and the market trader);
  • WUWM works on issues to protect the future of your business(prices, investment, modernisation, policies);
  • WUWM membership unifies and strengthens the market industry at all levels against its competitors -your competitors!

Where is WUWM Today?

  • Europe 136 Members / 22 Countries
  • Asia 27 Members / 7 Countries
  • The America’s 35 Members / 9 Countries
  • Africa and Middle East 11 Members / 3 Countries
  • Oceania 6 Members / 1 Country

What are WUWM’s Goals?

  • To develop and promote the international exchange of information on wholesale and retail markets
  • To lobby national, regional and international decision-makers on behalf of wholesale and retail markets
  • To participate in the activities and issues of wholesale and retail markets, production markets or markets at point of origin
  • To exchange experiences, skills, knowledge and expertise to benefit WUWMmembers and the food sector
  • To develop and promote the relationship between market management and traders, as well as consolidate ties with upstream/downstream stakeholders

In achieving those goals we…

  • Identify, strengthen and mobilize the capabilities of our member markets and national associations in key areas of common concern and action
  • Develop opportunities to increase communication and cooperationbetween market authorities and stakeholders;
  • Promote the social, economic and environmental benefits marketsgive to
  • their cities and communities;
  • Establish linksand developcollaboration with key players;
  • Offer the main international platform for information exchange, networking, andcross-fertilizationof market knowledge;
  • Promote and develop best practice within the market sector;
  • Support member markets through the challenges of modernisation and service provision by actively and collectively participating in problem solving.

Core WUWM Activities

  • International Market Conferences
    • Annual conferences (combining wholesale and retail)
    • Annual LYLM International Celebration
  • Regional working groups and activities (Asia-Pacific, the America’s and Europe)
  • Lobbying (at regional & international levels)andPromotion(e.g. WUWM Awards)
  • Thematic working groups and activities:
    • Retail Markets
    • Food Safety and Hygiene
    • Waste Management & Environment
    • Market Data Collection
    • Marketing the Market
  • Information Exchange &Member Support (e.g. market visits, reports, access)

WUWM Annual reports