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November 5th– 6th, 2020

Restitution day of the European programme

“Fruit and Veg 4 Health” 100% digital event

Prevention: How to support doctors’ action regarding nutritional advice?

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Food Losses and Waste in times of COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, alerts from international organizations and experts to care for food supply chains have not stopped to ensure their affordability and access to markets in quantity and quality. With enormous sadness we see that this has not been the case, revealing the great fragility of the world’s food systems… 

Mirador Salud (ES)  Acceso al contenido completo

The article has been written by our 5 a day Venezuela colleague  María Soledad Tapia. Available in Spanish (but easily translatable through internet tools)

En la pandemia por COVID-19 se recomiendan las frutas y hortalizas para fortalecer el sistema inmune

Interesante arículo de Mirador Salud donde se pone en evidencia la importancia de una adecuada alimentación donde no falten el mímino de 5 raciones entre frutas y verduras para aportar nutrientes claves para el normal funcionamiento de nuestro sistema inmunutarios. Acceso al contenido completo

El arículo ha sido escrito por nuestro colega de 5 al día Venezuela Pablo Hernández. Disponible solo en español (pero facilmente traducible medienta herramientas de internet)

UN General Assembly establishes Fruit and Vegetables international year. FAO welcomes this global recognition.

19 December 2019, New York/Rome – The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution designating 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables following request made by the FAO Conference.

Chile has been a champion of devoting a year to promote fruit and vegetables,  supported by AIAM5 members which asked letters of supports to their National Ministers of Agriculture. Read more>>

Promoting F&V in Primary Care Setting – Practical sheets on  nutrition & health(EN)

These nutrition and health sheets are based on scientific consensus regarding diet and chronic diseases prevention, where the consumption of F&V is key Access to the first 5 fact sheets.

By Aprifel

Towards an International Year of Fruits and Vegetables decreed by the United Nations (ES)

By María Soledad Tapia – Mirador Salud – 5 al día Venezuela

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