Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a Day"



  • National Conference on F&V Trust in F&V – October 22 r d , 2 015
  • International Conference – EGEA 2015 – 7 edition – Milan Healthy diet, healthy environment within
    a fruitful economy : the role of F&V
  • 30 countries / 84 posters / 22 international journalists
  • European deputies, CE, WHO, FAO, WCRF International


  • European Program « Relance de la Consommation»
  • Digital communication
  • F&V guide for consumers


  • National network of Dietitians (35)
  • Interventions at school
  • 10,000 schools
  • 1,5 million children
  • 6,000 canteens
  • 5 TV Spots
  • Online Games
  • Press conferences
  • Cooking workshops
  • Press trips

Agency for Research and Information on F&V (APRIFEL) 


  • Christel TEYSSEDRE – The president
  • Louis ORENGA – Director
  • Delphine TAILLIEZ –Deputy Director
  • Johanna CALVARIN – Scientific projects manager
  • Claire CHAMBRIER – Scientific Manager
  • Isabelle de BEAUVOIR – Scientific and institutional communication project manager
  • Marie FILLON – Information Officer
  • Lucile RICHARD – Information Project Manager
  • Mathilde FLECHARD – European Project Manager


99-97 boulevard Pereire

75017 Paris


Phone: 00 33 1 49 49 15 15

Email contact@aprifel.com



https://www.aprifel.com/fr/evenement/conferences-egea/  https://www.aprifel.com/fr/?s=EGEA



APRIFEL: French Agency for Research and Information on F&V was created in 1981 by Interfel (F&V sector) to built scientifically based information and develop an international leadership in networking with the scientific community (nutrition, health, behaviour, food safety…)

Aprifel’s action wants to translate science into action by mobilizing all stakeholders to collectively promote healthy, sustainable diets rich in fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to its specific governance, civil society, fruit and vegetable professionals and scientists are brought together by Aprifel, enabling the association to develop information on a factual and consensual basis. Its governance, which brings together Scientific Council, Consumer Council and Board of Directors, gives Aprifel a certain legitimacy to intervene on subjects strongly linked to sustainable development and in particular issues related to health and environmental protection: climate , water, air, use of fossil resources, carbon footprint, biodiversity, etc.

Missions: Aprifel’s central mission has been to produce and disseminate factual and consensual information relating to the importance of the consumption of fruit and vegetables, but also to improve knowledge of the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables both for health and the environment

Some key dates

French F&V sector campaigns and tools
1981 -1992:    « Eat fresh, eat right » – Media campaign for all
1993-1996:     « They have health Fresh fruit & vegetables! »
1994-1999:      Daily TV show « Very Natural » Culinary practices
1999:               « 10 A Day »
2000:               National network of Dieticians
2001:               « 5 to 10 /day »

Fraich’attitude Gallery
2003:                 1st Egea conference From Science to Action
2005:                 1st Fresh Attitude Week «Semaine Fraich’attitude»
2006 -2008:       Ifava – Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption “5 a Day”
« Half of the plate » – «La moitié en fruits et légumes»
Cuisine Fraich’attitude – Cooking workshops for all
1st International F&V Summit
2008 -2010:   Focus on trade:  Careers in production, trade and distribution.
In 2011, the French F&V sector is pursuing the promotion of F&V consumption through different events and tools:

Some types of events

Childhood events

  • – In day-nursery: Meetings for parents
  • – At school: Educational interventions about seasonality, taste and sensory approach of F&V, educational games on the origin of F&V and Food Balance

Since 2001, more than 8000 schools and more than 1.2 Million pupils received an educational intervention

University and high school actions

The results, the repercussions are the following:

  • Lunch time: more than 5000 canteens were reached
  • Tasting, recipes, information and conferences about healthy eating, taste, food habits…
  • A web game: 140 classes
  • Cooking workshops for all – CUISINE FRAICH’ATTITUDE IN PARIS for F&V training, culinary creation and practice for all
  • Fraich’Attitude Week since 2004 – National One week mobilization for F&V promotion with all stakeholders:  F&V industry, producers, cooperatives, carriers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, tradesmen, institutions, and volunteers

Scientific awareness: permanent literature monitoring on F&V

  • Cancer/Diabetes/Obesity…
  • Health behavior/Sociology/Psychology
  • Economic/Cost
  • Promotion/Campaign


  • Over 7500 references


  • Monthly national newsletter to health professionals and media
  • Each issue comprises 5 articles + editorial
  • Free distribution in paper version : 1700 French subscribers

APRIFEL International Conference EGEA: European Great Excellent Achievement for the promotion of F&V to disseminate knowledge and scientific evidence related to F&V.

  • – EU Networking briefings at the European Parliament (Pre Egea Briefings- Brussels 2007 and 2010)
  • – EGEA 2003-2010: « From Science to Action » Gather scientific evidence as policy makers need evidence: to set up action plans initially and to back up their action plans in a second time.

At both national and international level, the successful nutrition and food policies are those where the interests of academia, government and all the stakeholders coincide.

« Les Rencontres  Aprifel »  (since 2010)

  • December 10th 2010: F&V consumption: Aprifel calls the F&V sector for mobilization! – Paris
  • November 24th 2011: Symposium on pesticides – Paris



Food Safety Committee with 5 food safety experts since 2000:

  • To review and analyze food safety data
  • To ensure appropriate information and action
  • To implement relevant research programs in partnership with public and private sectors

Consumer Committee with 11 consumer association representatives since 2009:

  • To establish a common knowledge basis on topics at the crossroads of  consumer concerns and F&V sector
  • To identify consumer concerns and proposals
  • To ensure a dialogue with consumers to better adapt the offer