France: Agency for Research and Information on F&V

Country: France
Main Contact: Dr. Saida Barnat
Title: Scientific Director


19, rue de la pépinière
75008 Paris
Phone: 00 33 1 49 49 15 15




APRIFEL: French Agency for Research and Information on F&V was created in 1981 by Interfel (F&V sector) to built scientifically based information and develop an international leadership in networking with the scientific community (nutrition, health, behaviour, food safety...)

INTERFEL: French private association recognised by the French law of July 10th, 1975 and by the EU since Nov 21st, 1996. INTERFEL gathers equal representation of associations from the fresh F&V production and distribution sectors.  INTERFEL has the power to draft F&V sector agreements which become force of law once validated by the French Authorities.

 French F&V sector campaigns and tools
1981 -1992:    « Eat fresh, eat right » - Media campaign for all
1993-1996:     « They have health Fresh fruit & vegetables! »
1994-1999:      Daily TV show « Very Natural » Culinary practices
1999:               « 10 A Day »
2000:               National network of Dieticians
2001:               « 5 to 10 /day »
                        Fraich'attitude Gallery
2003:                 1st Egea conference From Science to Action
2005:                 1st Fresh Attitude Week «Semaine Fraich'attitude»
2006 -2008:       Ifava - International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance
                        « Half of the plate » - «La moitié en fruits et légumes»
                        Cuisine Fraich'attitude - Cooking workshops for all
                        1st International F&V Summit
2008 -2010:   Focus on trade:  Careers in production, trade and distribution.
2011:              Various actions to promote F&V consumption (please see profile below)

In 2011, the French F&V sector is pursuing the promotion of F&V consumption through different events and tools:
Childhood events

  • In day-nursery: Meetings for parents
  • At school: Educational interventions about seasonality, taste and sensory approach of F&V, educational games on the origin of F&V and Food Balance

Since 2001, more than 8000 schools and more than 1.2 Million pupils received an educational intervention by the INTERFEL dietician network.
University and high school actions

  • Lunch time: more than 5000 canteens were reached
  • Tasting, recipes, information and conferences about healthy eating, taste, food habits…
  • A web game: 140  classes

Cooking workshops for all

  • CUISINE FRAICH'ATTITUDE IN PARIS for F&V training, culinary creation and practice for all

Fraich'Attitude Week since 2004

  • National One week mobilization for F&V promotion with all stakeholders:  F&V industry, producers, cooperatives, carriers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, tradesmen, institutions, and volunteers
  • INTERFEL accompanying measures under the School Fruit Scheme: ADOPT the FRAICH'ATTITUDE with EUROPE (co-financed by the DG AGRI - European Commission)

Scientific awareness: permanent literature monitoring on F&V

  • Cancer/Diabetes/Obesity…
  • Health behavior/Sociology/Psychology
  • Economic/Cost
  • Promotion/Campaign

Nutrifel: An international scientific database for F&V with permanent updating - http://www.aprifel.com/nutrifel,rechercher.php

  • Over 7500 references


  • Monthly national newsletter to health professionals and media
  • Each issue comprises 5 articles + editorial
  • Free distribution in paper version : 1700 French subscribers

APRIFEL International Conference EGEA: European Great Excellent Achievement for the promotion of F&V to disseminate knowledge and scientific evidence related to F&V.

  • EU Networking briefings at the European Parliament (Pre Egea Briefings- Brussels 2007 and 2010)
  • EGEA 2003-2010: « From Science to Action » Gather scientific evidence as policy makers need evidence: to set up action plans initially and to back up their action plans in a second time.

At both national and international level, the successful nutrition and food policies are those where the interests of academia, government and all the stakeholders coincide.

« Les Rencontres  Aprifel »  (since 2010)

  • December 10th 2010: F&V consumption: Aprifel calls the F&V sector for mobilization! - Paris
  • November 24th 2011: Symposium on pesticides - Paris



Food Safety Committee with 5 food safety experts since 2000:

  • To review and analyze food safety data
  • To ensure appropriate information and action
  • To implement relevant research programs in partnership with public and private sectors

Consumer Committee with 11 consumer association representatives since 2009:

  • To establish a common knowledge basis on topics at the crossroads of  consumer concerns and F&V sector
  • To identify consumer concerns and proposals
  • To ensure a dialogue with consumers to better adapt the offer