Canada: Half Your Plate

Half Your Plate
Country: Canada
Main Contact: Sue Lewis
Title: Director, Market Development


162 Cleopatra Drive
Ottawa, ON
K2G 5X2 Canada
Phone: 613-226-4187 x 226
Fax: 613-226-2984


Half Your Plate

Freggie Children's Program


The Half Your Plate campaign is a social marketing initiative aimed at helping Canadians of all ages eat more fruits and veggies to better their health. The campaign focuses on simple and practical ways to add a variety of fruits and veggies to every meal and snack by choosing half the plate as fruits and veggies.

Who's involved in Half Your Plate?

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA), the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Public Health Association are proud to continue a long-standing partnership. These organizations, widely respected for their role in health promotion and disease prevention through healthy eating education supported the creation and implementation of the Half Your Plate message and  campaign.

Freggie™ lives at www.freggietales.ca and encourages kids to eat their recommended servings of fruits and veggies each day and to learn and understand why it is so important for them. By doing so, children will begin to learn about taking responsibility for their overall health. The website has fun games and recipes as well as the Freggie Tales Adventures™ newsletters and the popular Write to Freggie™ program.