Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a Day"

World Fruits and Vegetables Day 2020

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR GROWING, NOURISHING AND PRESERVING EVERYONE’S HEALTH is the theme chosen for this year. This will be the eighth edition held, where in some countries, actions were organized simultaneously to celebrate this day, such as campaigns promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables through social networks, surveys, games for children, videos, press releases., among others.


On October 16, 2020, World Fruits and Vegetables Day was celebrated, within the framework of World Food Day. The celebration of Fruits and Vegetables has been celebrated since 2015. The celebration of this day arose from the Global Alliance for the Promotion of Fruits and Vegetablesthe Consumption “5 a day” (AIAM5) in which more than 30 countries  worldwide are invited to launch initiatives to sensitize the world population about the importance of daily consumption of fruits and vegetables for the promotion of health and the prevention and control of obesity and non- communicable diseases (NCD´s).

Non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, are responsible for 60% of deaths worldwide, while overweight and obesity cause at least 2.8 million deaths a year according to data from the Organization World Health Organization (WHO, 2017).

Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables is a common and fundamental risk factor for several NCDs. According to the WHO, the low intake of fruits and vegetables causes 1.7 million deaths a year, mostly from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a lower risk of disease and mortality. These diseases could be considerably reduced thanks to the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, among which are the daily consumption of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables that provide the body with key nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. ( Rev Esp Nutr Hum Diet. 2016; 20(4): 281 – 297).

Summary of activities


  • Informational campaign with nutrition experts in radio and internet news outlets
  • Cooperation with bloggers and vloggers, to share knowledge about fruit and vegetables consumption
  • Floodlighting on Palace of Culture and Science (Most recognizable building in our Capital City downtown) in 5 colours referring to colours of different groups of fruits & vegetables Video here
  • Social media campaing on facebook and instagram, using our new campaign accounts – apetytnapolskie.com (Literally it means A Taste of Poland)
  • Day after (17 october) we are taking part in main Nutrition conference in Poland (due to Covid it will be fully online activity), and our experts will show their findings on diet based on fruits and vegetables


  • Press release (ES)
  • Campaign on Social Networks with partners and followers sharing the World Day image and the #DiaMundialFyV hashtag, seeking to turn the Day into a trending topic.
  • Instagram raffle of a pack of 5 a day merchandising.
  • Organization of hybrid activity (face-to-face and online) in collaboration with the fish and meat sector, to celebrate World Fruits and Vegetables Day and World Food Day.
  • Survey to determine which fruits and vegetables are the most valued by Spaniards in 2020.
  • Launch of an online game for children in collaboration with Caprabo Supermarkets where it will be indicated how to include the 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.
  • Distribution of personalized masks (face masks) 5 a day among partners and various contacts.

Costa Rica


Access to the information of the campaign carried out in celebration of the World Day of Fruits and Vegetables


  • Meetings through social networks.
  • Training of new volunteers 5 a day.
  • Virtual meeting for the general public in order to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

FENAOMFRA – Argentina

Press release and clipping of press impact – access here.


The activities carried out for the celebration of the National Day of Fruits and Vegetables were coordinated by 5 a day with the Undersecretary of Agriculture, the Foundation for Communications, Training and Culture of Agriculture (FUCOA), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Agriculture (FAO), representatives of Elige Vivir Sano and The Chilean Agency for Food Quality and Safety (ACHIPIA). Given the health emergency, it was decided that most of the actions would be virtual, with a strong presence on social networks. The Corporation 5 al día Chile, as in previous years made available the designed campaign which was used in the activities of the national day and the development and reproduction of promotional materials such as bibs, bags among others that were delivered as prizes to the winners of the contests.
The activities were: communication campaign, educational campaign, social campaign and urban campaign.

Here the official web site  https://frutasyverduras.minagri.gob.cl/

Here a report of the edition 2020 (ES)


On 10/16 INCA held the webinar “INCA Recommendations for the prevention of cancer through food, nutrition and physical activity”, in celebration of World Food Day. During the webinar, the publication Diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer: a global perspective – a summary of the Third Expert Report with a Brazilian perspective, adapted translation of the summary of the Third Expert Report, of the World Cancer Research Fund was launched. (WCRF) and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR). The document presents global and national recommendations for cancer prevention through diet, nutrition and physical activity, including the importance of consuming plant-based foods.

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