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6 a day, Denmark
Country: Denmark
Main Contact: Vibeke Toft, Denmark


6 om dagen
Strandboulevarden 49
Copenhagen, Ø
DK-2100  Denmark
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WHY 6 instead of 5?
It is no secret that a communication of the recommendation played an important role in defining the recommendation. The number 6 in Danish is pronounced "sex", and anecdotal evidence suggests that this makes it easier to remember, especially for men! The recommendation of 6 a day or 600 grams fruit and vegetabls daily, is based on review of evidence on fruit and vegetables preventative effect on a number of chronic diseases. The expert group that defined the recommendation was composed of both scientists and people with communications backgrounds.

6 a day's aim
The 6 a day campaign's overall aim is to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in the Danish population, ideally 6 a day or 600 grams fruit and vegetables a day.

In 2007, 6 a day's focus will be on implementing nationwide pilot of a school fruit and vegetable program called "Frugtkvarter". The pilot will test a new model that combines a two-month introduction period with class or school based subscription, which in a small scale pilot showed promising results.

The Ministry for Foods, Fisheries and Agriculture appropriated 8 million DKK (approx. 1 M €) for a free introduction period. This means that almost 15 % of all school age children will receive fruit for two months starting in September 2007.

6 a Day - a partnership
6 a day is a public-private partnership with representatives from government agencies, non-governmental health organizations and the fruit and vegetable industry.

The partners are:

  • Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
  • National Board of Health
  • The Danish Fitness and Nutrition Council
  • The Danish Cancer Society
  • The Danish Heart Foundation
  • Danish Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Board