Join IFAVA Membership

Membership in the International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (IFAVA) allows organizations to share their experiences, engage in conversation and draw on the best practices of like-minded groups around the world.  Whether initiating or strengthening fruit and vegetable promotion and outreach programs within their own countries, IFAVA members have access valuable resources including:

  • the latest scientific findings
  • current resources on communication, strategy and policy on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption
  • support from peers from around the globe

Who can join IFAVA?

IFAVA members are organizations that are actively involved in the non-commercial marketing and promotion of vegetables and fruit with a "5-a-day" type of outreach program operating at a national or multi-national level. Members can include but are not limited to:

  • Trade Corporations
  • Health Units
  • Governmental and quasi-governmental organizations
  • Non-government organizations
  • Registered not-for-profit organizations

Membership Types

Active Members
Active members are entitled to participate in all IFAVA activities, receive notices of meetings of the members and attend such meetings.

Observer Members
Observer members are any regional, national or multi-national alliance of organizations that is in the development phase of the non-commercial marketing and promotion of vegetables and fruit with a 5 A Day type approach with the intent of operating at a national or multi-national level or working with and supporting an existing program at a national or multi-national level. Observer members cannot vote, but are entitled to participate in IFAVA activities.


To join IFAVA, download and complete the Membership Application Form and submit to the International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance's Board of Directors for review and approval.

Membership Fees

The annual IFAVA membership fee scale is:

  • Highly Developed Countries (HDI = 0.80) = $2,500 Canadian
  • Medium Developed Countries (0.50 = HDI < 0.8) = $1,500 Canadian
  • Least Developed Countries (HDI < 0.5) = $750 Canadian

IFAVA Membership Notes:

  • Membership year is from July 1st to June 30th annually
  • IFAVA is incorporated in Canada and the payment of applicable taxes is mandatory
  • IFAVA membership fees are broken down into 3 categories based on the Human Development Index 2002 (HDI) as published by United Nations Development Programme
  • Any person or organization that has given service, donations or support to IFAVA can be granted Honorary Membership by the Board of Directors. Honorary members are not entitled to voting rights but can participate in IFAVA activities. Honorary Members are not required to pay membership fees.

Member Benefits

The International Fruit and Vegetables Alliance offers its members a broad range of resources designed to support and expand 5 a Day-type programs, including:
Communications Tools:

  • An active, informative federation website
  • A short annual report including 5 a Day-type program activity highlights from around the world
  • Scientific newsletters with content developed by international subject matter experts to support the importance of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet
  • Communications support from peers from around the globe

Stock Resources

  • Stock fruit and vegetable photography
  • A recipe library
  • Educational curricula
  • Materials, and model outreach campaigns

Media Support

  • Model news releases
  • Lay summaries of important research

Consensus Papers

  • Development of papers providing expert opinion on related issues of interest: what food forms count as a fruit or vegetable, what constitutes a serving size, and organics/pesticide safety.