In 2004, the 4th International Fruit and Vegetable Symposium was held in Auckland, New Zealand. This Symposium was the catalyst for even greater international sharing of information on promotion campaigns on the health benefits that fruit and vegetable consumption can provide. Delegates pushed for the establishment of a federation where the sharing of information and resources would provide support for national and regional programs. The International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (IFAVA) was born!

The International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance exists to encourage and foster efforts to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables globally for better health by supporting national initiatives, promoting efficiencies, facilitating collaboration on shared aims and providing global leadership. All of which is based on sound science.

IFAVA focuses on providing support through the following key elements:

  • Global Leadership
  • Scientific Clearing House
  • Communication and Resource Sharing
  • Fundraising Framework and Guidance

The International Fruit and Vegetables Alliance's mandate is to support efforts to increase consumption of vegetables and fruit by providing its members with up-to-date information and support resources, including: research literature; surveillance and science reviews; media relations and other communications tools; forums for transferring success stories and sharing resources; and a "5-a-Day" type program starter toolkit, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). These tools will help IFAVA members operate and communicate their shared message efficiently and effectively.