Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a Day"


5 a day Germany and AgrarMarkt Austria are currently running the EU-funded multi-country project ‘Snack 5’.  The aim is to anchor fruits and vegetables as a valuable snack in both countries.  For this purpose, a colorful mix of actions is carried out, with a strong presence online and in the print media as well as in the worlds of school, work and leisure.  In the autumn of 2019, the online portal ‘Check 5’ will be launched, from which parents will evaluate how their children are supplied with fruit and vegetables, in playschool, at school and at home.  In addition, two representative surveys on fruit and vegetable consumption in Germany and Austria are conducted each year, which increases public awareness and reinforces the message that vegetables and fruit are consumed 5 times a day.  5 on the day e.V. and Agrar Markt Austria are also present at the various fairs, including Fruit Logistica 2020.